Building a new online home for Rag & Paw.


Rag & Paw creates contemporary products for your dog and home. All of their products are handmade by British suppliers + ethically sourced. They commissioned Osc. Studio to create a brand new eCommerce website with a focus on strong brand photography and product collections.


Website / Art Direction / Photography & Video / Copy Writing


“Osc. Studio enabled my brand vision to come to life and offered invaluable advice as to what worked best for my brand image. Without them I wouldn’t have a website that works seamlessly with a clear brand and marketing strategy. I can’t thank them enough.”

Stephanie Jacques
Managing Director, Rag & Paw


The result

Osc. Studio created a brand new online presence for Rag & Paw to showcase a range of new lifestyle photography and product images. Bold colours mirrored the unique Colour Block collections with a minimal foundation allowing the product range to shine.

Rag & Paw required the ability to update their website when new product ranges launched so the online store was built on the Shopfiy platform. This also allowed transactions to take place in person at trade shows, integrating seamlessly into their online stock management.