Establishing a global celebrity jewellery brand.

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GIOIA are the official celebrity jewellery company.  They design, produce and sell jewellery ranges for the worlds biggest pop stars, bands, reality stars and more. Their jewellery collections are sold in national UK retailers and countries across the world for big names including; Justin Beiber, Ariana Grande, The Rolling Stones and Nicki Minaj. GIOIA recently celebrated the launch of it’s brand new official Emoji collection.

Osc. Studio worked with GIOIA to develop a new brand identity that was then applied to a range of business assets including; website, branded literature and promotional collateral. Video content is regulary provided for new seasonal promotions and collection launches across social media.


Brand Identity / Web Design / Social Media / Video


Going digital on social.

Osc. Studio provides video content every week to promote GIOIA product ranges and collections via their company social channels and online storp. Promotional video content is also regularly produced for the latest collection launches and previews.


The result

Osc. Studio created a brand new online store for GIOIA to showcase their product ranges for a diverse range of celebrity brands. Collections and products were photographed by Osc. Studio in-house to ensure a premium, glossy finish. A minimal colour palette was chosen for the online store so the user focus was drawn to each celebrity brand identity and more importantly, the GIOIA product ranges.

GIOIA required the ability to update their website when new product ranges launched so the online store was built on the Shopfiy platform. This also allowed transactions to take place in person at trade shows, integrating seamlessly into their online stock management.

Dynamic video content produced by Osc. Studio created an impact on social. Brand channels saw an increase in followers and overall engagement as a direct result of switching from static content to video.